Cadence Catch-up with Lewis #12

Welcome to the twelfth edition of Cadence Catch-Up! An extra special greeting to new followers who have joined up since the last edition in June.

This month I take a look at two different personality types at opposite ends of the spectrum, who (somewhat surprisingly in one case), can have negative impacts on the workplace.

First, the Narcissist. The person who only listens for information they seek; the dominator of meetings; the user of information as power; and the one who sees genuine questions about ways to improve as dissent. You will see that minimising your exposure to a person with narcissistic tendencies is not only recommended, in some cases it could be essential for preserving mental health.

I then examine the People Pleaser – the jolly person people like to have around because they are far more likely to agree to take on more work, say “yes” to working overtime, and avoid conflict in the workplace at all costs. But, over time, these people can suffer material detrimental impacts to their mental health, relationships, and careers, all through a fear the impact the word “no” can have on those around them.

I wrap this edition up on a lighter and optimistic note, where I share an article by Lisa Cugnetto examining the multiple benefits of walking.

I hope you enjoy this edition, and if you like it please notify your friends and colleagues. If there are any leadership topics you’d like me to examine, please let me know. And remember – feedback is a gift!


“As a narcissistic leader begins to believe more and more in themselves, they may start to ignore those close to them, creating an unenviable prism of isolation”


“People pleasers seem to give everything to others, and get precious little back in return. Their emotional bank accounts are constantly overdrawn”


“Walking fills us with positivity, helps us generate new ideas, and fuels us for next time”


I have to admit, that as a cricket “tragic” I was utterly obsessed with the recent Ashes series in England that ended in a 2-all draw. Those of you unfamiliar with cricket will not begin to understand the nuances around this sport, or the significance of the enduring contest battled between Australia and England, so I won’t bore you with it!

But I will draw your attention to a leadership podcast with cricketing ties – Inside the Mind of Champions, hosted by former England cricketer Jeremy Snape. I draw your attention to two recent episodes I enjoyed titled Trust and Risk to Grow. Both have sporting connotations but I encourage anybody interested in management and leadership to also listen, as these concepts frequently emerge in work settings of all kinds.


Cadence Leadership Advisory is a leadership development business specialising in coaching people, team leadership and development, strategy review and organisational culture.

Its Founder, Lewis Williams, has over 25 years of leadership experience gained through senior roles at NAB, HSBC and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. A Graduate of AGSM@UNSW, a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and an Approved Advisor with Advisory Board Centre, he instigated and drove development of the 2021 paper “Organisational Culture: Beyond the Intangible” with other alumni of the AICD. He is also an accredited CultureTalk practitioner, a training and development platform that activates the framework of personality archetypes for the growth of leaders, teams, brands and cultures.

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