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Are you new to leadership and trying to transition from technician to leader for the first time? Or are you an established leader looking to grow your capabilities? Wherever you are on your leadership journey, Cadence Leadership Advisory can help you build the leadership qualities you need to thrive in your role. With services ranging from leadership coaching and development to reviewing strategy and organisational culture, Cadence provides the knowledge, experience and tools you need to take charge and become the leader you were always meant to be.

Our Services

Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps leaders achieve professional and personal ambitions by honing their performance. It’s a smart move in an increasingly competitive world that continues to demand more from its leaders. Coaching gives you the chance to get on the front foot and take a proactive approach, increasing your chances of professional and personal success.

Professional leadership coaching can help you:

  • identify new career opportunities to increase professional satisfaction
  • improve self-awareness to enhance your capabilities
  • cultivate a high-performing team to increase organisational profitability
  • develop deeper networks to build your profile and grow your influence.


Coaching is tailored to your needs, focusing on the leadership qualities required to thrive in your career. Typically, it starts by building trust and a learning environment before moving into career planning and the link between learning and organisational performance. Then it’s time to identify worthy rivals and what they do well before examining ways to deal with any performance gaps.

Leadership coaching services can help if:

  • You want to build your leadership capability and improve business unit performance.
  • You are making the transition from peer to team leader and require assistance redefining roles.
  • You are established in your career but are unsure of your next move.

Team Leadership & Development

Effective team leaders know how to connect people to each other and relate in a way that uncovers opportunities and inspires high performance. If this is an area of concern, Cadence can help. Team leadership and development is designed to help you get the most from your team to foster trust, success and self-belief in each member.

Team leadership and development services can help you:

  • create deeper talent pipelines to improve performance and succession planning
  • identify new ways to create value by partnering with other teams
  • reduce staff attrition and absenteeism to increase the company’s bottom line.


Team leadership and development is focused not only on your team and its members but also on your role. It’s a process of identifying how you are perceived, how the team works, what motivates team members, their potential for growth and how you can successfully harness this potential.

The process involves:

  • self-reflection: Are we respected and trusted as a team?
  • identifying and role modelling positive motivators
  • creating meaningful reward structures
  • drilling down to team members’ core skills and scope for growth
  • demonstrating role model behaviours and the link to the bottom line.

Team leadership & development services can help if:

  • You want to take your team’s effectiveness to the next level.
  • You want to build empowerment and trust in your team.
  • You want to prepare your team for a changing environment.

Strategy Review and Organisational Culture

Successful strategy review incorporates informed strategic thinking and dialogue from both board and management, in a robust planning process. Bringing all stakeholders into alignment, a review of your strategy and organisational culture can remove bottlenecks in your business and identify new opportunities to pave the way for renewed growth.

Reviewing strategy and organisational culture can help you:

  • identify new markets
  • reduce organisational complexity
  • get clear alignment between strategy, culture and risk appetite.


Conducting a review of strategy and organisational culture gives your organisation the opportunity to identify ways to increase productivity, improve performance, enhance employee engagement and realise business growth.

Cadence can help your business:

  • establish values and culture
  • identify critical success factors to attract growth capital
  • promote empowerment and accountability
  • generate options for testing
  • understand the cross-functional impacts of strategic change.

Strategy review & organisational culture services can help if:

  • Business performance is being impacted because strategy and risk are not aligned.
  • You want to optimise role clarity between the Board and Executive.
  • You are positioning your organisation for growth and want to be “funding ready”.

Become the leader you are meant to be

Are you new to leadership or looking to improve your existing leadership qualities? Cadence Leadership Advisory offers the skills, knowledge and development to help you become the leader you are meant to be.

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