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Leadership is never easy

The word “cadence” has origins in business, music and athletics. The common themes are activity and rhythm – with movement and consistent action, cadence can guide you towards a position of sustainable strength and leadership skills. The truth is, leadership and organisational culture thrive with cadence and a focus on forward movement, action and consistency.

Established in July 2021, Cadence Leadership Advisory harnesses this philosophy to guide new and established leaders towards improved habits and actions to promote greater success. Focusing on learning and practical application, leadership consultant Lewis Williams develops your leadership skills to guide you towards greater success.

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Common scenarios where CADENCE will assist you:

Coaching People

  • You want to build your leadership capability and improve Business Unit performance
  • You are making the transition from peer to Team Leader and require assistance redefining roles
  • You are established in career but are unsure of your next move

Team Leadership & Development

  • You want to take your teams effectiveness to the next level
  • You want to build empowerment and trust in your team
  • You want to prepare your team for a changing environment

Strategy Review & Organisational Culture

  • Business performance is being impacted because strategy and risk are not aligned
  • You want to optimise role clarity between Board and Executive
  • You are positioning your organisation for growth and want to be “funding ready”

“People think that banking is all about numbers. But ultimately it is a people business. It’s about building relationships, asking the right questions and remaining curious. That’s why I’m excited about bringing those transferable skills to leadership consulting”

Lewis Williams
Founder, Cadence Leadership Advisory

Meet Your Leadership Consultant

With over 30 years of corporate experience in the commercial banking sector, Lewis Williams is a highly respected leadership consultant. He has deep experience, developed both in Australia and Asia, in team leadership, organisational culture, customer relationship management, risk and strategy alignment.

As a consultant, Lewis combines highly developed commercial acumen with a deep understanding of people, leadership and coaching to create environments where knowledge and skill acquisition can thrive. He is skilled at developing and facilitating strategic and leadership development workshops for individuals and teams across all levels.

Lewis’ expertise includes coaching people transitioning from peer to leadership roles and into the next phase of their career as well as conducting reviews of business strategy to ensure alignment between risk and capability. With a reputation for elite balance, collaboration and enabling others with knowledge, skills and belief, Lewis provides a unique perspective on the workplace.

Lewis’ experience and qualifications include:

● Bachelor of Business from Charles Sturt University
● Graduate Diploma in Management from AGSM@UNSW Business School
● Approved Advisor™ by Advisory Board Centre
● Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
● Certified CultureTalk practitioner
● Formerly Head of Wholesale Risk for HSBC Australia
● Recently led a virtual project team of AICD alumni to develop the paper "Organisational Culture: Beyond The Intangible."

leadership skills CultureTalk_Certified Partner_Badge

Lewis is also a certified CultureTalk practitioner, a system using personality archetypes that has application in coaching, leadership development and culture change

Cadence mission statement

To provide leaders and individual contributors with the leadership skills, knowledge and belief to help achieve their natural best.

Contribution through curiosity

respect for people

Do what you say you will do

Celebrate successes

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