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Cadence Leadership Advisory offers leadership coaching, team leadership development services and strategy review and organisational culture support to help you find your feet, grow your organisation and thrive in leadership.

Founded by experienced leader Lewis Williams

Cadence helps you find a natural rhythm to become a better leader and create a sustainable organisational culture. Through individual coaching assignments, team workshops and deeper analysis and delivery, Cadence cuts through the clutter and delivers much-needed clarity and focus.

The result? A profitable organisation with clear purpose and values; self-motivated teams and staff members; customers and suppliers that advocate for you; and talented people queuing up to work with you.



Personal coaching services to help you identify new career opportunities, improve self-awareness, contribute more to the bottom line and build deeper networks both within and outside your organisation.

Team Leadership & Development

Leadership and development support to help you get the most from your team (and yourself) to foster trust, success and self-belief in each member and drive improved productivity and performance.

Strategy Review & Organisational Culture

Strategic expertise to bring organisational stakeholders into alignment to remove bottlenecks in your business, identify new opportunities for growth and promote empowerment and accountability.
“I developed Cadence because I believe that sustainable, long-term success can only exist when people have the necessary human and leadership skills to work to their natural best.”

Lewis Williams
Founder, Cadence Leadership Advisory

Leadership is never easy

Being a leader is not easy. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a leader for a while or if you’re new to your role. In fact, you don’t even need to have leadership in your job title to perform like one or have to deal with the many challenges that come with leading people or processes.

Even if you’ve found your feet in leadership, you may be looking to improve your performance or that of your team. And, if you’re a leader of your organisation you might need to review your strategy and culture before you can grow and scale. 

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Organisational Culture

We could drop the S from ESG, for example

“The development of ESG as a force has broadened the range of factors investors and supporters can consider before getting behind an organisation. But some of these factors are largely qualitative. There is a risk culture and values could get left behind other measures that are easier to point to”.

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Why Cricket Australia has done Justin Langer a favour

“The decision by Cricket Australia to offer former coach Justin Langer only a short-term contract extension recently produced an unexpected outpouring of opinion. Find out why, from a career development and leadership perspective, Cricket Australia has done Langer a big favour”.

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Seven Team Leadership Hacks Part 3

5. If you think you’re talking too much, imagine how your team must feel. Leadership is all about influencing your team to achieve its objectives. In most cases, where you have inherited a team, it is more than likely going to include at least one (usually more) members that you probably wouldn’t have hired.

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Seven Team Leadership Hacks Part 2

3. The most valuable feedback is best delivered “in the moment”. Most of us have been on the receiving end of corrective feedback. While any form of feedback is a gift, corrective feedback is always a touchy subject because it’s facing into a situation where things didn’t go as well as they could have.

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Seven Team Leadership Hacks Part 1

1. Flip the switch from technical master to personal risk taker. Most people that are appointed to lead a team for the first time are there for one reason – they have displayed sufficient aptitude at the technical skill performed by the team to assume the role of leading it.

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