Cadence Catch-up with Lewis #7

Welcome to the seventh edition of Cadence Catch-Up.

This month we have witnessed the literal changing of the guard in British royalty, the new UK Prime Minister and Chancellor under immense pressure immediately, and a cyber attack on a major Australian telco. All the surrounding issues are different, but they have each required a leader to “step up to the plate”. It will only be with the fullness of time we can determine the relative success of the leader, and even then circumstances beyond their control can have an impact on how they are remembered. But how will they deal with what’s on their plate right now, and which of their key advisors will they listen to?

Judging by responses to my posts this month, industry hopping is just a super-hot topic right now. For some people that commented on my post, they have found switching industries a few times in their career achievable and highly rewarding. For others, it has been a challenge dealing with the “We’re looking for somebody with experience” line. Read on and you may find some nuggets of gold in your quest to bring transferrable skills with you to a new industry.

If there is a leadership issue you’d like to see addressed in future editions, just let me know. Your feedback is a gift, so reach out if you have something to say.



Continuing with the theme of change at work, another highly relevant article from BBC Worklife examined adaptability – the ability to be actively prepared for a change, setting you up for success. Compare this to resilience – the ability to “bounce back” from a changing situation. The pandemic has tested the resilience of each and every one of us – some have thrived through it, others less so. But either way, understanding your risk tolerance and adopting a growth mindset are essential assets in reading the changes happening in your industry and positioning yourself to play a satisfying role – maybe one you can create for yourself.


One notable exit this month was that of tennis champion Roger Federer. While history will ultimately show he didn’t win the most Grand Slam titles, on so many behavioural measures he will remain without peer. In Simon Sinek’s words, he played the infinite game, playing for the enjoyment, the challenge, to serve (literally and figuratively), and remembering to leave the game in a better state than when he began. I challenge all leaders to examine the package of leadership behaviours he displayed over two decades at the top level – particularly his early transformation from an ill-tempered youth to the realisation he had gifts that deserved to be maximised.


This month I had the pleasure of supporting another cohort of 25 highly curious young bankers from Commonwealth Bank through to completion of the Reskilling Business Banking Analysts program. A big thank you again to Sharon Collins and the other AGSM facilitators Jeff CoultonJo O’Reilly and Trudy Devitre, plus the growing number of Commonwealth Bank executives sharing their expertise and time and making this a hugely compelling reskilling program. A particular callout to Tania Chetcuti of Commonwealth Bank for her unwavering enthusiasm and support.

Keep an eye open on LinkedIn as the graduates add their verified Certificate in Executive Management and Development from AGSM@UNSW.


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