Cadence Catch-up with Lewis #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of Cadence Catch-Up.

This month we reach a new highlight – all of the articles I’ll refer to are self-authored! A creative vein has been hit.

A coaching focus is permeating this month. We start off by conducting a short case study of the England men’s test cricket team, and examine how senior coach Brendon McCullum, captain Ben Stokes and managing director Rob Key have transformed a group of players thrashed in Australia six months earlier into a formidable, winning team.

I then draw inspiration from the Netflix series The Playbook, where five leading sports coaches share their rules for successful performance. I’ve taken one rule from each coach, and made my own interpretation of them to give you the best possible preparation as you approach your own career coaching engagement. This month, we kick off with rules from Doc Rivers, coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, and Jill Ellis, former coach of the US women’s soccer team.

If there is a leadership issue you’d like to see addressed in future editions, just let me know. Also, feedback is a gift, so reach out if you have something to say.

Hope you enjoy this edition.


A winning vision, an aligned leadership group, creating belief through positive reinforcement and stability……read about what could be possible in your own team.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of playing the victim if something doesn’t work out well. We’re all going to experience some hard luck at some stage of our careers. Find out how personal growth starts with the adoption of a growth mindset.


There are multiple influences determining your appetite for risk. While engaging a career coach is not in itself a “high risk” proposition, find out what can happen as you step away from what feels comfortable and embrace more complexity.


The June 29 edition of the FT podcast Working It was devoted to imposter syndrome. Featuring US cognitive scientist Sian Beilock and author Viv Groskop, we learn how putting a label on imposter syndrome has made it “a thing”, when in reality it is really just another form of anxiety, and completely normal. In fact, it is a great predictor of success, because if we don’t get anxious and cover all our bases, there is a much greater chance of something not going to plan. I highly recommend this podcast, especially to those who let self-doubt dictate what you do. Remember what Carol Dweck said: no-one is born a “thriver” or a “choker”!!

Another podcast I’m enjoying at the moment is the BBC4 series Boris. Yes, it’s about you-know-who, charting a look at his life through all the stages. While I in no way subscribe to Johnson’s leadership and operating style, there are a few takeaways from the series. Firstly, his modus operandi has not evolved much, if at all, since his teens – details are for chumps; chaos is the only way he knows; dance on your feet if in trouble – often it works, sometimes it fails. It’s quite alarming to learn that as Prime Minister of the UK he regularly made the same type of mistakes as he did as Mayor of London, as a journalist, and indeed as a student at Eton. But what Johnson’s story does underscore is that a healthy dose of self-belief can propel you a long way, as can an ability to think a few steps ahead of your peers. The wide variety of perspectives gathered in this podcast is commendable. It’s fascinating listening.

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